Thursday, 15 June 2017

Been a while...

While I blog only to keep a record of my wargaming activities, I am aware that, to my utter astonishment to be honest, that people follow said activities.  OK, I do try to make the entries somewhat interesting and write in a style, I hope, which are entertaining to read - if only for myself.
The long span in between has been a result of a computer problem, now fixed, and a dearth of anything to write about.  Personally I find this distressing as my hobby is an important part of my activities regardless of its priorities in life.  Or in other words, I rather paint than mow the lawn.  However, being also a rational man (I think so?) I must do the latter before the former.  That being the case, work and life has prevented me from much in the way of hobby activity.  Thus the dearth of posts.
However, last night, I participated in a "Dragon Rampant" game.  Regular readers will no doubt be aware of my current love of the Dan Mersey series of "Rampant" rules having resurrected many of my dormant collections to feasible "armies" of the tabletop.  While I know the basics of the game, the fantasy troop types are beyond my comprehension and so I had a tough time trying to decide "is it better to attack that unit or this one?" or "how tough are those things?"
But the system is fun, if not frustrating if you can't activate, or in my case often, throw my 12 die to get only one hit etc.(the majority of rolls being of the 1 or 2 category!)  But quick and entertaining.  Which is the point.

As I did not bring a camera ( I am that out of practice!) I had the GM forward a couple of shots
ChrisO's figures.  Very well painted I might add.


  1. Those are nice figures there. I've to get a DR game in, although I have some WHFB figs that can fill the ranks of a warband. I too like the Rampant rules for the small amount of figures needed. That said, I just ordered 5 boxes of Perry plastic WotR figures for an intended game at next year's Enfilade which LR will be used - a six player/retinue game. One thing that I don't really like for a multi-player game like this is the amount of dice rolling around the table. I think 6 dice for full strength and 3 for under half strength is feasible, but I'll likely keep it at 12 and 6 respectively so folks get the true feel of the rules.

    1. I find it helps to give EACH player 12 dice of one color; and 2 additional dice of another color to use for their activation. This gives some organization, reduces 'counting the number of dice' time
      and keeps the dice within the grasp of each player. The dice thus do not get spread out upon the table as much.
      As a comment, more dice the better as more consistent chance for the player to roll "evenly" than not.
      PS you could have players contribute their OWN retinue to make it that much larger! As basing is almost irrelevant in the rules, you might have a large gathering if you promote it. Heck I will have a WoR retinue ready by next Enfilade no doubt, as will others should you want to GM the game.

  2. "As a comment, more dice the better as more consistent chance for the player to roll "evenly" than not."

    Ha ha, good one Doug! As we all know, wargaming dice do not follow the laws of probability. Although more dice does increase the chance of ...

    1. ...not getting the particular dice required? :)
      But I still think the dice do finally average out at some point. Currently they are rolling 1's and 2's for me. When I am 170 or 175 years old, will they finally start rolling 5's and 6's to average out the rolling...or so the probability of averages tell me.
      cheers Bill.

    2. By the time you're 170, you may be playing games where you need to score 1s and 2s. Your average dice rolls will change, but your luck won't.

    3. Yes you are quite correct, David; but can I but have a dream of one day always rolling the pips I want? ;)
      For me at least, that probability percentage stat is but a myth. :))

  3. Replies
    1. Yes they are. ChrisO does some very nice work on his figures.